Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Quilting Journey, post 4

(Jan 2012)

I pushed myself once more with a mini-quilt swap.  The old fear came sweeping back in and I worried about sending another quilter one of my pieces.  The quilt had to meet several specifications so I had to design it myself.  I love postage stamp quilts (all the small squares in the middle) so I  built it around that idea.  I had quite a sense of accomplishment when the piece was done, but it was accompanied by anxiety as I put it into the mail.

The recipient sent me a sweet email saying purple was her favorite color and when I received my mini-quilt from another quilter in the swap, I relaxed. I realized that I was just so grateful to be apart of a group of women who were generous enough to share their time and talents with others.

What I received in the swap

A few months later I decided to host a give-away on my blog. The winner would receive two mug rugs in the color of their choice. Gettin' a little more confident, huh!

I got so excited about sending the winner the gift, I forgot to take a picture before mailing. The recipient was gracious enough to snap this pic and send it to me. I embroidered a bookmark and made the two blue mug rugs. I tried out some new piecing techniques and was pretty excited about the tea cup!

Swapping and giving away what I created was a delight. 

(picture from The Curious Quilter)

I then found this beauty!

Thus, began my love affair with swapping and collecting postage stamps, small squares of fabric from other quilters from around the world, hosted by The Curious Quilter.  I have been sharing/receiving these blocks for a few years now and hope to make something beautiful out of them very soon.

 cutting a variety of colors

packaged and ready for the mail

How do you enjoy sharing what you've made?

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  1. How fun is that! Love the idea, I wish I enjoyed quilting more. My mom loved to quilt. I have a few of her quilts that are my prized possessions.
    until next time...nel