Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Quilting Journey, post 1

I am sentimental about the handwork my grandmothers' crafted: crochet, embroidery and quilting.  The gifts they made will always be a treasured part of my past, but I wanted to continue these traditional crafts to carry on their legacies.

My quilting journey started in 2009 when my grandmother passed away.

I inherited some of my grandmother's quilts and quilting material that she had tucked away.  I didn't have any idea what to do with the material, patterns and prepared blocks, but I was determined to learn the art of quilting so I could use what was passed to me.

Grandma had pieced these blocks and put them away. One day I got them out and just played with an arrangement that was pleasing to my eye. I realized I had to teach myself how to quilt before I ever touched her stash. I was starting with zero knowledge.

One of my favorite bloggers had made some beautiful quilts for her family.  She made this candy corn quilt and I was inspired!

I began to realize that my favorite quilts were reproductions, especially from the 1930's. I enjoy quilts that look like they has a past, a story.  I can admire modern quilts, but I am drawn to the old.

In the spring of 2010 my husband bought me a sewing machine for my birthday.  I went to the fabric store and purchased a pattern and material for a baby changing pad. I actually purchased a McCalls-type paper pattern. Little did I know!  I couldn't think of anything smaller that I could quilt, and yet, I procrastinated.

After 7 months of harassment by my family I lugged my machine and supplies on vacation so I could conquer the fear and the first attempt at quilting. I procrastinated until vacation was almost over before secluding myself in a room for a full day. As I saw the changing pad take form I got more and more excited! I loved quilting! It was exhilarating! I came out of the room with a finished piece and a new found confidence.

It was good enough to give as a gift!  What would be next?

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