Friday, January 2, 2015

Angie's Quilts

I have a latent interest in quilting.

I think about it every day. I've collected hundreds of pins on Pinterest, hundreds of scraps of fabric, hundreds of patterns/ideas, but I do not spend as much time quilting as I would like. I've thought about why that might be and have come up with no one conclusion. Sometimes I find my excuses to be lack of skill, lack of time management, fear in making a mistake, overwhelmed with starting, not wanting to be secluded from the family, among a myriad of others. 

Hobbies. Sigh.

I have some great stories and I've made some lovely gifts so I think I will just take the plunge and begin at the beginning. Maybe, as we go along I will be inspired to do more.

If you enjoy quilting or another hobby, but don't find enough time to do it, let me know in the comments. I'll know I'm not alone in the world!  

If you are an avid quilter or hobbyist, let us know how you fit your craft into everyday life. We'd love to know.

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