Monday, January 5, 2015

My Quilting Journey, part 3

During the fall I spent time planning my first lap quilt just for me. I chose some country plaids from the stash.  I put together this top and then chose a beautiful pieced background. I even got it to the sandwich stage.  Little did I know this piece would become my first UFO (Unfinished Object). I've saved it so I can hand quilt it, another new skill I've yet to learn.  Maybe 2015 will be the year to complete it!

From there I decided to jump into another blog challenge. I joined the Rainbow Scrap Challenge where you were supposed to use up your scraps of a specific color each month.  I didn't really have any scraps, but I did have material. I thought I would learn a lot by trying different blocks and then hopefully, by the end of 2012, I would have enough blocks to make a quilt.

January blocks

February blocks

I learned a lot about piecing and color choices and the greatest lesson of all, quilting is about experimentation and practice!  I have a rainbow of colored blocks, but they have become UFO # 2, awaiting their day for quilting!

While the blocks were fun I wanted to challenge myself with something else. I had lots of red scraps left over so I decided to make my daughters' friend a blanket for her American Girl as a birthday present. 

The top as a sleeping blanket

The bottom as a picnic blanket

It was well-received and I began to feel a little more comfortable behind the sewing machine.

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